PT HM Sampoerna Tbk Membuka Lowongan Kerja juni sampai Juli 2022

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PT HM Sampoerna Tbk Membuka Lowongan Kerja juni sampai Juli 2022

Di Perlukan :

1. Supervisor Consumer Engagement

Placement : Surabaya

We are looking for a Supervisor Consumer Engagement who will be based in Surabaya.

Your โ€˜Day to Dayโ€™

Planning, executing, monitoring and reporting overall consumer engagement activities done through different channels in assigned areas, e.g. Media, LAMP / HOP, Event, Community
Analyzing marketing issues / opportunities in assigned areas, including segmenting, consumer profiling, etc.
Managing, implementing, and evaluating territory in line with outletโ€™s potency and consumer preference
Managing and implementing strong business relationships with all stakeholders
Who Weโ€™re Looking For

Having experience working with Media Partners, Advertising Agency, Branding Team and Creative Agency would be an advantage
Preferably having exposure in field sales distribution with supervisory experience
Active in organizational activities and social media savvy
Good interpersonal and communication skills
Fast learner and able to work in minimum guidance and supervision
Strong analytical skills and are comfortable dealing with numerical data
Able to operate Computer literacy (Ms. Office) especially Ms. Excel
Willing to work in field and also to be placed in Surabaya
Having a driving license (SIM) type A
Type of Job: Permanent or regular
Number of Openings: 3 positions

2. Production Operator & Production Technician โ€“ Plant Karawang

Placement : Karawang

We are looking for Production Operators & Production Technicians to be based in Karawang.

Your โ€˜Day to Dayโ€™

Ensure continuous and efficient operation of the assigned technology and carry out all quality and operational adjustments in order to obtain continuous manufacturing process and products, that meet quality standards and specifications.
Monitor the production machine and equipment condition, adjust and fix mechanical problems in order to achieve and to improve targeted quality and efficiency.
Ensure good functioning of the assigned equipment, identify and fix machine problems during production and record them in data base logbook.
Analyze and resolve process technical problems / breakdown and quality issues performing root cause analysis using the trouble shooting list.
Analyze machine performances and equipment conditions and suggest improvements applying problem solving and Lean methodology and tools (e.g. PDCA) and respecting Change Management procedure.
Support for equipment / machine installation and modifications, when required.
Support preventive maintenance and propose actions for planned maintenance to sustain and improve the machine functionality.
Maintain the designated pieces of production equipment, machine and surrounding area including a mechanical workshop clean and tidy and sort out rejects in conformance with good house keeping procedures applying 5S rules in his daily activities.
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Who Weโ€™re Looking For

Have at least 2 years of experience in Engineering or Manufacturing or Product / Process Development with solid knowledge of cigarette manufacturing is much preferred
Experience with Secondary Processing machines in Cigarette industries would be an advantage (specifically for GD, Hauni, ITM technology)
Active and creative with excellence analytical thinking
Good interpersonal and communication skills
Fast learner and able to work in minimum guidance and supervision
Open to be placed in Karawang
Type of Job: Permanent or regular
Number of Openings: 40 positions

3. Finance Analyst โ€“ Tax

Placement : Surabaya

We are looking for Finance Analyst โ€“ Tax who will be based in Surabaya.

Your โ€˜Day to Dayโ€™

Be responsible for the elaboration of tax reconciliation, tax payment, and tax returns and of indirect taxes of several countries in Asia.
To act as a business partner for the affiliateโ€™s Tax area, supporting projects and in line with the legal requirements of that country.
Contribute to automation, improvement, and SAP enhancement of internal processes and other areas of PMI Business Services.
Excellent analytical thinking skill and ability to work independently for problem solving.
Excellent collaboration skill and ability to work in a team to achieve consumer satisfaction.
Who Weโ€™re Looking For

Minimal Bachelorโ€™s Degree from Tax, Accounting, or Finance
Minimum 2-3 years experience in Taxes (VAT and withholding tax)
Have experience in Tax for multinational company or Tax Consultant Firm, will be an advantage
Strong Analytical Skill and work effectively with numbers and data
Excellent Interpersonal Skill and Ability to work in a team
Very comfortable to work with SAP System
Excellent communication skill in both written and spoken for English
Type of Job: Permanent or regular

4. Category & Capacity Planner (Supply Chain)

Placement : Surabaya

Your โ€˜Day to Dayโ€™

Best executable goods production plan that meets the market demand.
Adheres to the inventory policies & targets and prioritization of the markets served.
Run scenarios in Supply Planning tool to explore different options to resolve shortages or excess of inventory and to obtain the optimum production plan that reconciles market demand & prioritization and capacity & supply constraints.
Lead the supply planning & capacity planning process drumbeat.
Ensure Supply Continuity while minimizing LOGD risks.
Ensure continuous, trouble free operation of automated equipment, including all support systems in accordance with applicable standards and procedures.
Keep updated and integrate new PMI requirements related to process control, recommend corrective actions and projects to increase productivity, efficiency of materials usage, quality and safety standards.
Continuously improve process control by developing and implementing new ways of data-driven process optimization
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Who Weโ€™re Looking For

Have Bachelorโ€™s or Masterโ€™s degree from reputable universities, preferably majoring in Engineering
Equipped with 3-5 years experience in Supply Chain. Have background in Manufacturing would be an asset
Fluent in Indonesian and English, both written & spoken
Have good understanding of fundamentals of production planning & scheduling
Have good understanding & experience in managing the supply planning master data, system inputs and outputs
Equipped with strong analytical thinking combined with good presentation, communication skill, & literacy in SAP
Type of Job: Permanent or regular

5. Supervisor Fulfillment (Supply Chain)

Placement : Surabaya

Your โ€˜Day to Dayโ€™

This role is part of Global SyncHub, leads and manages the multi-category fulfilment process to the market first arrival warehouses (FAW) for the respective group of markets with the following detailed missions:
Safeguard that all fulfilment transactions to position product across multiple shipping locations to fulfill customer demand are properly recorded in the systems (SAP, E2SC) in compliance with financial flows, SOX and Tolling requirements
Lead the fulfilment process drumbeat for selected cluster of markets, optimizing freight and warehousing costs, to meet service level expectations. Identify and mitigate Supply Chain risks
Ensure close collaboration & up-to-date communication among all stakeholders and support Customer service teams in preparation and facilitation of Market / Regional Sales & Operations (S&OP)
Strive for Fulfilment process excellence, digitalization, automation, and scalability leveraging new solution to prepare process and organization for future needs.
Ensure master data completeness and correctness by applying defined analysis tools and reporting. Lead the fulfilment Month End closing process in line with PMI practices and guidelines
Ensure that Tolling compliance principles are clear to all relevant business partners and escalate to Management in case of misalignment.
Who Weโ€™re Looking For

Have Bachelorโ€™s degree or Masterโ€™s degree, preferably in Business
Have extensive experiences in supply chain (sales / business planning, logistics, production planning, order management) and experience in project management, preferably in Operations and in a multinational company and / or in a complex business environment.
Have 6-8 years of experience in fulfillment / supply planning function with an exceptional system knowledge (super user) and high complex planning portfolio
Driven and proposed self-developed scenarios & recommendations to participate, partner, and handle cross functional projects
Have ability in coaching and guide more junior team members
Proficient in written and spoken Bahasa Indonesia & English.
Type of Job: Permanent or regular

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