Hacking Cracking Tools 2015 Complete

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Berikut ini kita berbagi peralatan atau tools yang biasanya dipakai oleh pentester, hacker, cracker, phiser dan bahkan Anonymous. Detail informasi petunjuk bisa langsung mengunjungi websitenya.

Penetration Testing

Β§ Metasploit Unleashed – Free Offensive Security metasploit course

Β§ PTES – Penetration Testing Execution Standard

Β§ OWASP – Open Web Application Security Project


Β§ Shellcode Tutorials – Tutorials on how to write shellcode

Β§ Shellcode Examples – Shellcodes database

Social Engineering

Β§ Social Engineering Framework – An information resource for social engineers

Lock Picking

Β§ Schuyler Towne channel – Lockpicking videos and security talks

Β§ lockpicking – Resources for learning lockpicking, equipment recommendations.


Penetration Testing Distributions

Β§ Kali – A Linux distribution designed for digital forensics and penetration testing
Β§ BlackArch – Arch Linux-based distribution for penetration testers and security researchers
Β§ NST – Network Security Toolkit distribution
Β§ Pentoo – Security-focused livecd based on Gentoo
Β§ BackBox – Ubuntu-based distribution for penetration tests and security assessments

Basic Penetration Testing

Β§ Metasploit Framework – World’s most used penetration testing software
Β§ Burp Suite – An integrated platform for performing security testing of web applications
Β§ ExploitPack – Graphical tool for penetration testing with a bunch of exploits

Vulnerability Scanners

Β§ Netsparker – Web Application Security Scanner
Β§ Nexpose – Vulnerability Management & Risk Management Software
Β§ Nessus – Vulnerability, configuration, and compliance assessment
Β§ Nikto – Web application vulnerability scanner
Β§ OpenVAS – Open Source vulnerability scanner and manager
Β§ OWASP Zed Attack Proxy – Penetration testing tool for web applications
Β§ Secapps – Integrated web application security testing environment
Β§ w3af – Web application attack and audit framework
Β§ Wapiti – Web application vulnerability scanner
Β§ WebReaver – Web application vulnerability scanner for Mac OS X
Β§ Droopescan – Scanner to identify issues with several CMSs, mainly Drupal & Silverstripe
Β§ Discover – Custom bash scripts used to automate various pentesting tasks

Network Tools

Β§ nmap – Free Security Scanner For Network Exploration & Security Audits
Β§ tcpdump/libpcap – A common packet analyzer that runs under the command line
Β§ Wireshark – A network protocol analyzer for Unix and Windows
Β§ Network Tools – Different network tools: ping, lookup, whois, etc
Β§ netsniff-ng – A Swiss army knife for for network sniffing
Β§ Intercepter-NG – a multifunctional network toolkit
Β§ SPARTA – Network Infrastructure Penetration Testing Tool
Β§ Sn1per – Automated Pentest Recon ScannerSn1per – Automated Pentest Recon Scanner

Wireless Network Tools

Β§ Aircrack-ng – a set of tools for auditing wireless network
Β§ Kismet – Wireless network detector, sniffer, and IDS
Β§ Reaver – Brute force attack against Wifi Protected Setup
SSL Analysis Tools
Β§ SSLyze – SSL configuration scanner
Β§ sslstrip – a demonstration of the HTTPS stripping attacks

Hex Editors

Β§ HexEdit.js – Browser-based hex editing


Β§ John the Ripper – Fast password cracker
Β§ Online MD5 cracker – Online MD5 hash Cracker

Windows Utils
Β§ Sysinternals Suite – The Sysinternals Troubleshooting Utilities
Β§ Windows Credentials Editor – security tool to list logon sessions and add, change, list and delete associated credentials
Β§ mimikatz – Credentials extraction tool for Windows OS

DDoS Tools

Β§ LOIC – An open source network stress tool for Windows
Β§ JS LOIC – JavaScript in-browser version of LOIC

Social Engineering Tools

Β§ SET – The Social-Engineer Toolkit from TrustedSec

OSInt Tools

Β§ Maltego – Proprietary software for open source intelligence and forensics, from Paterva.

Anonimity Tools

Β§ Tor – The free software for enabling onion routing online anonymity
Β§ I2P – The Invisible Internet Project

Reverse Engineering Tools

Β§ IDA Pro – A Windows, Linux or Mac OS X hosted multi-processor disassembler and debugger
Β§ IDA Free – The freeware version of IDA v5.0
Β§ WDK/WinDbg – Windows Driver Kit and WinDbg
Β§ OllyDbg – An x86 debugger that emphasizes binary code analysis
Β§ Radare2 – Opensource, crossplatform reverse engineering framework.
Β§ x64_dbg – An open-source x64/x32 debugger for windows.
Β§ Pyew – A Python tool for static malware analysis.
Β§ Bokken – GUI for Pyew Radare2.
Β§ Immunity Debugger – A powerful new way to write exploits and analyze malware
Β§ Evan’s Debugger – OllyDbg-like debugger for Linux