How to find Admin Login Page of a Website ??


There are many ways to find admin page of a website but most of the users are failing to find it .

Here we are discussing some basic and advance effective ways to find the admin page of a website

1. Adding URL
This is the first and easiest method to find admin login page. You can add some words after the URL.ΒΒΒΒ

2. Using various scripts
You can use various scripts like various admin finder to get the admin page.Here I am showing you an useful scripts which will help you to get the admin page. To run this script you first need to install Active Perl.get it from

Now copy the code of and save it as and run the script to get the login page of the desired site.

3. Crawling softwareΒ 
You can use various crawling tool to crawl the website and get the login page. These website crawl all the pages of the website and show the list of all pages and directories

4. Robots.txtΒ 
By default various search engines crawl the entire site and by using robots.txt the site owner actually gives the list of links that are not to be crawled by the engine.Now most of the time the admin ask the engine not to crawl the admin page so if you view the robots.txt you can get the link to the login page.Β

5. Google dorkΒ 
You can use google dorks to get the login page.some of the dork that you can use are β€œadmin” inurl:loginΒ intitle:"admin login"

6. OnlineΒ 
There are few websites that can help you in finding admin login pages. You can use the site to find login page online

7. HavijΒ 
At last you can use the all time popular Havij to find admin page. Havij is a popular SQL injection tool that has an option to scan and search for admin login pages.
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