Carding U-File Credit Card Database Hacking

U-file Credit Card Database Hacking

This is a basic tutorial for hacking u-file database order forms
it will teach you how to get u-file cc database so lets start

open this link

as you can see its an order form page.
1st step : (all you need to do is to view the source) go to view tab
then click the page source or view source.after you have viewed the source the
2nd step : (prest ctrl f then find u-file=) after you have found the “u-file=”
you will see this code <!–webbot bot=”SaveResults” U-File=”_private/form_results.txt”
all you need to get from the u-file is the “_private/form_results.txt”
3rd step :after getting the u-file this will be the last step just put the
u-file code besides the website like this.
how to search in google : flowers orderform .htm | u-file=
so it will base on the string you use in searching for u-file database
here you go enjoy.
-= Created by xin3td – Sniper Carding Division =-